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Funded Graduate Assistantship Opportunity

Texas A&M University ENDEAVR Project is seeking a highly motivated graduate assistant, who will start to work on January 1, 2019.

What is ENDEAVR?
ENDEAVR stands for Envisioning the Neo-traditional Development by Embracing the Autonomous Vehicles Realm. It is an interdisciplinary project-based learning platform that connects industries, communities, and students. It helps students and stakeholders embrace the paradigm shift of smart cities and technological development associated with automation and connectivity, with a particular focus on autonomous vehicles. It enhances students’ interdisciplinary competence, critical thinking, and creative-problem-solving skills. Student projects lead to planning, design and engineering solutions that are crucial to build smart and connected communities.
Why will ENDEAVR be an exciting opportunity for me?
Funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation, ENDEAVR is committed to train the next generation of educators through innovative service-learning projects. As a Graduate Assistant, you will serve as a supervisor for undergraduate students who are working smart-city projects. In addition, you
will provide assistance on project administration, data collection and analysis efforts, and documentation of study findings.

You will receive:
1) Salary and benefits;
2) Coverage of tuition;
3) Training that aims to: a) enhance leadership, communication, and conflict resolution
skills; and b) enhance competency in implementing interdisciplinary teaching methods.

Desirable Qualifications:
1) Capable of working in multi-disciplinary environments;
2) Excellent leadership, organizing and communication skills;
3) Passionate about becoming an educator;
4) Interested in community engagement and using emerging technologies to address
challenges in under-resourced communities.
5) Commitment to the project for more than one year.

To Apply
Please submit the following to endeavr@tamu.edu by November 9, 2018. Please use “ENDEAVR Graduate Assistant” as your email title.
1. Resume
2. A brief statement of intent
3. Contact information of two references
If would like to learn more, please contact us at endeavr@tamu.edu or 979-845-2608 (PH).

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