ENDEAVR stands for Envisioning the Neo-traditional Development by Embracing the Autonomous Vehicles Realm. We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to futureproofing small communities by enabling them to become smart cities. We enhance their capacity to utilize emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, ICT, IoT, and AI, to accomplish desired socio-economic, environmental, and health outcomes.

ENDEAVR was launched in 2018 as a pilot project, sponsored by Texas A&M University and the W.M. Keck Foundation. The foundation of ENDEAVR is interdisciplinary smart-city education that empowers young people to seek creative, affordable, and effective solutions for challenges faced by underserved communities and underprivileged populations.

The success of ENDEAVR if built upon trust and partnership among educators, students, industry, and local communities.

ENDEAVR currently has two programs.

ENDEAVRX is an interdisciplinary project-based learning platform that connects students from the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) disciplines with industries and communities.

Student trainees take an interdisciplinary seminar course and an interdisciplinary project-based learning course. They seek affordable and effective solutions for real-world challenges such as climate change, transportation, aging population, governance, economic growth, and social inclusion. Students develop interdisciplinary competence, critical thinking, and creative-problem-solving skills.

ENDEAVRX is currently training more than 100 Texas A&M students from civil/electrical/mechanical engineering, computer science, landscape architecture, urban planning, and visualization. They work in interdisciplinary teams to transform Nolanville, Texas into a smart town by turning emerging technologies into solutions.

ENDEAVRX can be implemented in other higher-education institutions, and thus transform the nation’s interdisciplinary education in the era of smart and connected communities.

ENDEAVRide, a novel self-driving service, will deploy soon in Nolanville.  Our self-driving service focuses on small-town America. It will be very affordable, because we “take a whole village” to deliver it. Our self-driving service is:

Of the people: our fleet is owned collectively by local residents we serve.

By the people: the nation’s best vehicle automation engineers volunteer their time and develop our technology; local stakeholders actively contribute, in various forms, to the design, operation, and maintenance of our fleet, and

For the people: our priority users will be underprivileged populations facing mobility challenges, such as disabled veterans, senior citizens, and those who are too poor to afford a car.

ENDEAVRide will redefine the business model of self-driving services. Under our nonprofit model, they will no longer be out of reach for underprivileged populations living in small-town America. Our endeavors will forge mobility solutions that are accessible to 25.5 million Americans with travel-limiting disabilities, 29.8 million American senior citizens (age 75+) for whom driving might become a considerable safety risk, and 20.6 million Americans who live in carless households. We are committed to delivering affordable self-driving services to small communities, one at a time!

Please email endeavr@tamu.edu if you share our passion and would like to join or support our endeavors!